Growing up I loved Winnie the Pooh but there was one character I especially cherished... Piglet.

Characters with stammers wasn't easy to come by on children's television or in movies. Piglet made me feel less alone about having a stammer and relate to a character that has one.

It's no secret I'm one heck of a worrier... I worry alot! I also relate to piglet in terms of anxiety, we both outwardly say everything that could ever go wrong. 

A little birdie told me there's a Christopher Robin live action movie in the works... So if Disney is looking for someone to play piglet, you know who to turn to.

creative breaks

my good friend Dom made this  brilliant video on creative silences : .  I wanted to bring my own thoughts , feelings and experiences to the table so I hope you enjoy!

I am driven to create.. I  always have been and always will be.  I wake up in the the morning the urge to create and work on it until the project is completely perfect. I'm a writer, blogger, youtuber and singer.. I can't live without being creative because that's what keeps me going, that spark of knowing you're doing something special and worth while.

I have breaks from projects sometimes to reflect upon them or go onto new projects. there are always ups and downs, but it is healthy to have a breather from my buzzing mind and take a moment to just be.

I am a perfectionist, I don't want something out for the world to see that is rubbish . I want to make content that I'm immensely proud of and enjoy making. That's why it takes a while to upload videos…

YA To read List: Mental Health May

The rest Of Us By Patrick NessAll The Bright Places By Jennifer NivenEverything Everything By  Six Crows By Leigh BardugoCrooked Kingdom By Leigh BardugoThe Sea of Tranquilityby Katja MillayEssential Maps for the Lostby Deb CalettiFinding Audreyby Sophie KinsellaThe Raven Cycleseries by Maggie StiefvaterEvery Last Wordby Tamara Ireland StoneI'll Give You the Sunby Jandy NelsonFangirlby Rainbow RowellThe Perks of Being a Wallflowerby Stephen ChboskyWill Grayson, Will Graysonby John Green and David Levithan

Media and yoututube

This is a  short  response to Dodie's video about the media.

The media generalities things...a lot. That us female youtubers are only "beauty gurus " and male youtubers are gamers. The media genralise when money is brought into the equation as well..  There's a balance for the creator : how much they care for their viewers and the money side of things. Some brands and businesses play more attention to the money rather than their audience. It's incredible that collectively as a community we've been able to make our hobbies into jobs but that doesn't at all mean we don't care about our viewers. We don't see our viewers as dollar signs... we see them as people who kindly support what we love to do.

Our community inspires others and is a positive place to be. for example how Zoe from"Zoella" makes young people feel good about themselves and makes others feel less alone about dealing with mental health conditions. It's truly  unfathomabl…

my future career

I've wanted to be a writer since I was 4, writing sparked utter happiness and magic in me.  As a child I was like Belle from Beauty And The Beast, having my nose stuck in a book and forever writing...that's still me! I've always been driven to make this dream a reality.

I want to be a writer and editor, for me that's a perfect balance. I'd like to work closely with authors and be one myself.  I find the publishing process to fascinating and to be apart of that would be amazing! I can't imagine doing anything else with my life..because that's what I love.

At the moment I'm looking at internships for publishing companies . There's no shame in making a plan and planning ahead. I want to go to Bath Spa University  to do the combined award of creative writing and publishing.  What's the best thing is there's no exams for me to get panic attacks in! it's one hundred percent course work based which will be so much fun to do!  I need to get a BB…

Beauty And The Beast Ballroom


my perfect playlist

Lights on - Shawn MendesUnderstand- Shawn MendesMemories- Shawn MendesHold on- Shawn MendesThe Vamps - Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Shawn MendesRoses- Shawn MendesRunning low-Shawn MendesPatience- Shawn MendesNo promises- Shawn MendesStrings-Shawn MendesImagination- Shawn MendesOne of those nights- Shawn MendesCrazy- Shawn MendesThe weight- Shawn MendesLost- Shawn MendesHeaven  -Troye Sivan ft. Betty WhoPopular Song - Mika  ft. Ariana GrandeWhen - Dodie You Are Unstoppable- Conchita Wurst Firestorm- Conchita Wurst Heart By Heart - Demi LovatoThumbs - Sabrina CarpenterAnything's Possible - Lea Michele  Black magic - Little MixStay The Night- Zedd ft Hayley WilliamsI Believe In You - Michael BublĂ©Love Exists - Amy LeeAll I ask -AdeleFire -Alexandra BurkeTouch- Little MixUDK- JameboyyEx's and Oh's - Ellie KingSparks- Hillary DuffHolding On And Letting Go- Ross CoppermanBreathe Again - Sara BareillesEcho- Jason Walker